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Your smile is an important part of you—not only does it house your teeth, which are vital tools for eating, speaking, laughing, and so on, but it also grants you a sense of self-pride that lets you confidently navigate and conquer the world! That said, if you’re hoping to enhance and revitalize your smile, your dentist might suggest a full mouth reconstruction. Here’s more about what goes into this process and what to expect during the recovery period afterward.Refection on mirror

What Goes Into a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Ideal for patients with extensive dental needs, a full mouth reconstruction involves any treatment(s) used to reconstruct the mouth, including but not limited to solutions like fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, and many others. Due to the individual circumstances of every smile, no two full-mouth reconstructions are identical; however, since the process utilizes so many treatments, tailoring a customized treatment plan is usually a simple matter.

What Can I Expect During My Recovery?

One of the main concerns about full mouth reconstruction is the length and difficulty of the recovery process. To put it simply, this greatly depends on the patient’s specific situation, including what treatments were performed. Here’s a little more about some of the procedures commonly utilized during full mouth reconstruction and what patients can expect during their recuperation:

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a popular and quick solution ideal for repairing teeth with minor decay or damage, and patients can usually resume daily activity immediately after receiving one once their anesthesia has fully worn off.

Crowns & Bridges

These are often the go-to solution for teeth with minor damage. Since your dentist must take impressions of your teeth before you can be fitted with these restorations, the process can take multiple appointments. That said, despite what you’ve maybe heard, the process for receiving a crown or bridge is mostly free from discomfort, aside from minor swelling and sensitivity that fade away within a few days.


Veneers are among the most comprehensive of all cosmetic dental treatments. They’re thin, porcelain shells that are used to mask imperfections in teeth and completely transform their appearance. Since a small portion of your enamel must be removed before you can receive veneers, some sensitivity is possible. Patients must also wear temporary veneers while they’re waiting for their permanent ones to be crafted.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are perhaps the ultimate solution for replacing missing teeth, and they can last for decades under ideal circumstances. That said, the implant posts will need to fuse with the patient’s jawbone before they can function as intended. This process can take several months to fully complete and requires diligence on the patient’s part; however, immediate healing after the surgery usually only takes about a week.

In any case, healing times for short-term procedures are generally quicker and easier, and with more procedures comes a longer recovery. But in any case, gargling warm salt water, taking your over-the-counter pain relievers, and relying on instructions provided by your dentist can ensure that any discomfort felt is minimal and your new smile feels as good as it looks!

About the Author

Dr. Mark Gray received his DDS from the University of Texas Dental School and has proudly served patients and families in the Houston area ever since! His practice is thrilled to offer a wide range of cosmetic services that are certain to help you and your loved ones achieve stunningly bright smiles that you’ll love showing off. If you have any questions about the blog or a particular treatment, don’t hesitate to contact the practice today for additional information or to schedule a visit. 281-493-9395.