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Staying on the Leading-Edge of Dentistry

One of our main goals is to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques in the dental field, so our team is constantly doing research and trying different instruments and services to see what works and what benefits our patients the most. Thanks to our commitment to progress, we’re able to provide care that is consistently fast, comfortable, and extremely high in quality no matter what a patient needs. If you want to experience true 21st-century dentistry and all of its advantages for yourself, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

xray of someones face

TMJ Therapy

Is your jaw persistently sore, stiff, or do you experience headaches most days of the week? If so, then you may be having problems with your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint. This is your jaw joint, and issues in this area can lead to pain and tension felt throughout the head, face, and neck. Our team can use advanced technology to determine what is harming the joint and then provide a custom-made mouthpiece designed to deliver complete relief as well as restore balance to the bite.

Sleep Apnea Therapy

Sleep apnea is a disorder where a person temporarily but frequently stops breathing throughout the night because their airway becomes blocked. This can prevent someone from ever getting the deep sleep they need to feel rested, plus it has been shown to drastically increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. With a simple custom mouthguard worn only to bed, however, we can help a patient breathe normally throughout the night, sleep uninterrupted, and wake up feeling focused and energized every morning.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

With our CT/cone beam scanner, we can create a highly-detailed 3D model of a patient’s teeth, jaw, and supporting oral structures. This image contains much, much more information than a standard 2D X-ray, so it’s perfect for helping us plan more involved treatments like dental implant placement. It even shows the locations of sensitive facial nerves and blood vessels so we can avoid them during a procedure, leading to less invasive treatment and faster recovery time.

Intraoral Cameras

Highly-advanced cameras are getting smaller and smaller by the day, and in our dental office, we can actually use a handheld intraoral camera to better examine our patients. About the size of a pen, this device fits easily into the mouth where it can take high-resolution images of the teeth and gums. We can display these images on a nearby monitor, ensuring that nothing gets past us during your regular checkups, plus you’ll finally be able to see your smile from your dentist’s perspective, helping you better understand your oral health.

Digital Impression System

Thanks to our Omnicam digital impression system, our patients don’t ever have to bite down into odd-tasting dental putty to create a model of their teeth and bite. With this device, we simply scan the teeth, and on a nearby monitor, sophisticated software pieces all the information together to create the perfect impression. The process is fast, comfortable, and we never have to waste precious time on retakes.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays solve all of the problems commonly associated with traditional film X-rays. They take only a few seconds to capture images, can be developed almost instantly, and they don’t require toxic chemicals to do so. The process of creating them emits 90% LESS radiation by comparison as well! Plus, since we don’t have to make room to store physical X-rays, this frees up space in our dental office so we can make our treatment rooms even more comfortable.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry might sound like science-fiction, but it’s an everyday reality for our team! Our soft tissue laser enables us to precisely and painlessly remove harmful bacteria from deep below the gum line without having to use incisions and sutures like in the past. Plus, it can even provide cosmetic gum lifts to make the teeth appear longer and create a more attractive smile. The laser is extremely gentle, so much so that most patients don’t even need local anesthetic to remain comfortable!

Formlabs 2 Digital Printing

We have the capability to design and fabricate our own custom-made dentures, nightguards, and mouthguards thanks to our Formlabs 2 Digital 3D printer. Using a digital impression of a patient’s teeth, we can design whatever appliance they need, and then this plan can be sent to our printer where the appliance will be sculpted out of a strong and durable resin. This printer helps us drastically cut down on the turnaround time for several treatments, plus if any adjustments need to be made, we can just do it ourselves instead of having to send something off to an outside lab.

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