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Effective Gum Therapy to Save Your Smile

The gums often don’t get as much attention as they should, especially since they offer a dedicated foundation for your teeth. Gum tissue is sensitive and if it’s attacked by plaque acids enough, it can become red and inflamed. Without treatment, it can even lead to permanent tooth loss. Thankfully, scaling and root planing from Dr. Mark Gray and Dr. Mariayne Newman can give your gums a second chance and save your smile! If you have red or sensitive gums, give our office a call today to get the treatment you need!

Why Choose Mark Gray, DDS Cosmetic and Family Dentistry for Scaling and Root Planing?


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What Is Scaling and Root Planing?

When we talk about gum therapy, scaling and root planing is the first treatment that should come to mind. Technically, it’s broken up into two separate processes. Scaling refers to removing plaque and tartar from areas above and below the gum line. The key word here is “below” the gum line because traditional cleaning, brushing and flossing cannot reach these areas of enamel. Furthermore, no amount of at-home brushing can remove tartar, which is the more calcified form of dental plaque. That’s where professional scaling plays a very important role in stopping your gum infection from spreading.

Root planing refers to the act of smoothing out the roots of teeth of bacteria so that they can begin to reattach to the gums. It’s the best way to stop gums from receding and exposing the more vulnerable parts of teeth to bacteria.

Do I Need Scaling and Root Planing?

If you only notice minor bleeding after flossing and that bleeding starts to go away after a few days if better care, it’s considered to be one of the early signs of gingivitis. This stage of gum disease is reversible through improved at-home care and potentially a professional cleaning from our office. However, if your gums are beginning to:

  • Feel incredibly sensitive or tender to the touch
  • Appear red, dark purple and inflamed
  • Recede from teeth
  • Cause chronic bad breath even after brushing
  • Make consuming hot or cold food and beverages impossible
  • Make teeth feel loose or change the way your dentures fit…

…now is the time to give our office a call and get necessary gum therapy.

What Does the Process Entail?

During your scaling and root planing treatment, we utilize local anesthetic to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The scaling portion is generally done first and the root planing portion is performed after. Since the gums require time to heal, you’ll need to come back to our office at a later date so we can finish treatment. Those with advanced gum disease need to come in for follow-up appointments once every three to four months to ensure the infection (as well as your symptoms) do not come back.

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