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When your parents or grandparents start living at an assisted living center, it’s important to make sure that all of their needs are being taken care of – and that naturally includes oral health needs. As people grow older, their risk for tooth loss and gum disease rises as well; in fact, more than a quarter of all people over the age of 65 have no natural teeth remaining at all! If you want the oldest members of your family to keep living comfortably, take note of these 3 reasons to start looking for a dentist for seniors in Memorial.

old women sitting

1. Regular Checkups Make Intervention Simpler

Over time, the enamel protecting the teeth starts to wear down, and the gums start to pull back. Both of these issues leave the mouth more vulnerable to bacteria. The good news is that with regular checkups, it’s actually quite easy to see these problems coming so that they can be prevented. For example, if tooth decay is caught early on, it can be fixed with a filling; if the problem was left alone for too long, the infection could easily spread to the pulp within the tooth, leading to root canal therapy or even an extraction. These regular visits are also the best chance to screen for oral cancer – a disease that is far more deadly if it’s not diagnosed soon enough.

2. Protecting the Teeth and Gums Becomes Easier

Older patients may have to rely on their caretakers to perform routine oral hygiene tasks such as brushing and flossing. Sometimes the caretaker might continually overlook certain spots of the mouth without realizing it. A dentist, on the other hand, will pay close attention to every nook and cranny during a regular visit, thoroughly removing bacteria wherever they’ve gathered before they lead to cavities.

3. Solutions for Missing Teeth Can Be Found Faster

Tooth loss tends to be particularly common among those over the age of 65, whether it’s due to gum disease and tooth decay or a consequence of any injuries that occur over the years. If the senior in your life has a dentist that’s already familiar with the state of their oral health, they’ll have someone to turn to in the event that they need a tooth replacement. From traditional dentures to advanced dental implants, there are plenty of ways for an incomplete grin to become whole again.

No matter how old you get, a better smile means a better quality of life. Talk to your loved ones today to discuss their dental needs in full and what they would like to improve. Then you can start searching for a dentist skilled in maintaining senior oral health in Memorial.

About the Author

Dr. Mark Gray first opened his dental office in the 80s. He was one of the first in his field to closely study cosmetic dentistry, and throughout his career he has focused on giving his patients healthy and beautiful smiles. He works with patients of all ages and offers a variety of services for seniors, including denture placement and oral cancer screenings. To set up an appointment for yourself or a loved one, visit his website or call 281-493-9395.