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New clothes? Check! Vaccinations? Check! A dental checkup and cleaning…wait, did that not make your back to school to-do list this year? Regular dental visits with your dentist in 77077 is critical to your child’s health and well-being—especially with the school year approaching. The last thing you want to do is start the year behind the eight ball by missing days in the classroom because of a dental problem. Here are some of the best tips to help optimize your child’s dental health before school starts.

Your Back to School Dental Guide

1. Planning Ahead Is Key.

Many parents may not consider dental appointments as something that’s key to preparing for the school year. Give yourself time to schedule an appointment while you have time during the summer. Don’t cram a last-minute appointment a few days before school starts just in case there is a dental issue that does need to be addressed.

2. Encourage Good Dental Habits at Home Throughout the Year.

Even though your child gets dental appointments every 6 months (or should be), it’s important for parents to encourage excellent dental habits at home as well. After all, a great dental checkup is a cavity-free appointment! To get the best age-appropriate dental advice, feel free to reach out to your family dentist in 77077.

3. When Scheduling an Appointment, Consider the Right Time of Day.

Timing is everything when it comes to children and their temperament or attitude towards their dental appointment. It’s best to bring young children in after a nap (or maybe not if you notice your child is particularly cranky after waking up). For older kids, it’s best to get their appointments in early in the morning while they still have the energy and will be more cooperative rather than after a long day of school.

4. Keep Your Child’s Energy Levels up With Healthy Foods.

Not only are nutritious foods good for your child’s teeth and gums, but they will also help boost their mood when visiting their dentist. Remember, a hungry child is never a happy patient! Feed them a light, healthy meal before their appointment—and make sure they clean their teeth after eating!

5. Patience Is Important When Dealing With Children!

As much as your dentist doesn’t want to admit it, many patients don’t find dentistry to be the most fun part of their day—especially young patients. Getting your child to cooperate during their dental routine may be frustrating and the appointment could be even harder if you don’t familiarize your child with the dentist. Work as a team with your dentist to help keep your little one’s smile healthy and beautiful.

Meet the Dentists

If you’re looking for a dentist near 77077, our office is equipped with two eager dentists ready to help you keep your family’s mouths at optimal oral health. Dr. Gray and Dr. Newman love meeting new local patients and helping them feel confident about themselves starting with their smiles. Your children deserve a healthy smile to conquer the school year with. If you need to schedule their next appointment, call 281-493-9395.