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Family photoshoot

Countless individuals suffered tremendous material loss and emotional hardship when Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston. Many homes and businesses were so badly damaged that they were rendered unusable — our dental practice was one of those businesses. But we’ve worked hard to recover from the storm that shook our community, and now your dentist in Memorial is back and ready to shine once again!

Recovering From Harvey

Ten months ago, when Hurricane Harvey caused flooding throughout much of the Houston area, roughly two feet of water invaded our practice. There was almost nothing left for us to salvage, except our licenses (which were hanging high on a wall), and the hope that we could get back up on our feet and once again serve our dear community.

We accomplished our goal, and now we’re back in our previous location, ready to care for the precious smiles of our patients. But we’re ready to do more than that—we want to forge strong bonds within the community and be a true support and source of comfort in trying times.

To celebrate our return to the Energy Corridor in Memorial, we held some festivities on June 21. With good friend, yummy drinks, and lots of cool prizes, we mingled with our guests and had an awesome time. As Jessica Cortez, our office manager, put it, “We’re celebrating that we survived and that we were able continue to provide for our patients even as we lost our home.”

Come See Our Renovated Office!

We’re deeply grateful to The Town and Country Way dental office, which allowed Drs. Gray and Newman to continue caring for patients during the time we were rebuilding. However, we’re relieved to be back in our original home.

We think you’ll like our renovated office! The décor has a positive vibe, boasting artful architectural touches and bright colors. Plus, we’ve invested in top-notch dental equipment, including intraoral cameras, digital X-ray machines, soft tissue lasers and more.

We also have some goodies that are designed purely to make you more comfortable while we’re looking after your pearly whites. You can put on a pair of headphones and listen to good music or kick back and watch TV or a DVD during your treatment. Our chairs even have a massage feature!

We Will Shine Again!

Our office had no flood insurance when Harvey devastated it, and it would have been easy for us to let circumstances get us down. However, we believe in the power of positive thinking!

“We will shine again!” has been our motto for the past ten months, and our optimism has paid off. We are shining again, brighter than ever before. We’re proud to be your dentist near Memorial, and we look forward to many more years in this wonderful community.

About Dr. Gray

Dr. Mark Gray, the leader of our team, has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. He remains passionate about promoting healthy and happy smiles in our community. If you would like to meet Dr. Gray or just drop in and see our renovated office, please contact us at 281-493-9395.