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Are you worried about needing a tooth extraction in Houston? While removing a tooth can seem scary, there is actually no reason to stress out! If you trust in an experienced dentist, you should not feel any pain or serious discomfort while getting your tooth removed. To help ease your nerves, check out this step-by-step breakdown of the extraction procedure and details on what you can expect to feel.

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Types of Extractions

Tooth extractions reduce dental pain caused by damaged or infected teeth. Depending on your unique situation, your oral surgeon will recommend one of the following types of extraction:

  • Simple extraction: performed on teeth that are fully erupted and visible above the gumline.
  • Surgical extraction: recommended when a tooth is impacted or below the gums.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Before getting started, your oral surgeon will administer anesthesia to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. This will help you remain comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure.

If you are undergoing a simple extraction, your oral surgeon will use forceps and a tool known as a dental elevator to gently rock the tooth back and forth until it detaches from the ligaments holding it in place. If your tooth is impacted, your oral surgeon will make small cuts to open the gums and reveal more of the tooth. They will then drill or break the tooth into smaller pieces and remove them one by one.

Once the tooth is out, your oral surgeon will remove any infected tissue and clean the area. In the case of surgical extraction, they will also likely stitch up your gums. To control bleeding in the socket, your oral surgeon may put gauze in your mouth and ask you to bite down to create firm pressure.

What You Should Feel

Here is what you can expect to feel (and hear) during your tooth extraction in Houston:

  • No pain – Local anesthesia will keep you from feeling any pain throughout the procedure. If you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, ask your oral surgeon about the possibility of using dental sedation.
  • Pressure – Even though your mouth will be numb, you will still be able to feel some pressure when your tooth is gently rocked in its socket.
  • Noises – You may hear some unfamiliar noises during the extraction procedure, such as a minor snap or creak. This is perfectly normal and no cause for concern.

As you can see, there is no need to worry about pain when getting a tooth removed by a dental professional. You will remain comfortable throughout the procedure and should feel even better afterward once your damaged or infected tooth is gone!

About the Author

Dr. Mark Gray has been working hard for Houston smiles since the 1980s. He earned his dental doctorate from the University of Texas Dental School in Houston, is a member of the American Dental Association, and continues to advance his skills as a Faculty Club member with Spear Education. If you ever need a tooth extraction, Dr. Gray offers same-day emergency appointments and has more than three decades of experience helping patients in Houston. Schedule an appointment on his website, but if it’s an emergency, call (281) 493-9395.