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Invisalign® in the Memorial Area of Houston

Accomplish a Straighter Smile with Help from Dr. Mark Gray and His Team

For many adults who never underwent orthodontic treatment as a teenager, it can feel like it's too late to achieve a smile that's perfectly straight. After all, you’re a professional with a demanding schedule and dozens of daily interactions with peers – the last thing you need is a mouthful of metal that leaves you feeling like you’ve been sent back to middle school. Even worse, traditional braces can take multiple years to be fully effective. At the Memorial office of Dr. Mark Gray, DDS, our team believes in providing dental solutions that offer both quality and discretion, allowing you to achieve transformative changes in your teeth without having to sacrifice your self-confidence in the process. With Invisalign®, you can correct misalignments and crookedness in a way that’s practically unnoticeable!



Make a Seamless Change to Your Self-Confidence

Invisalign® treatment consists of a set of clear, customized aligners that are created specifically for each patient. Each aligner represents a different stage of your teeth as they move into their ideal alignment. All you have to do as the paint is wear each of them for the prescribed period of time before switching to the next one in the set. Additionally, you’ll need to attend a brief appointment with Dr. Gray every four to six weeks so that we can check your progress and confirm everything is going smoothly.

Invisalign® Treatment Benefits

There are several benefits to choosing Invisalign® treatment. For one, the name isn’t just for show – Invisalign® aligners are close-fitting and see-through, rendering them nearly invisible to most of your peers. Additionally, they’re removable, which means you won’t have to deal with any of the tedious changes to your diet or oral hygiene routine that traditional braces often require. You can even take them out for an hour or so when you have a big event where you want to look your absolute best! Best of all, Invisalign® treatment usually completes within 12-18 months, which is significantly faster than the multiple years traditional methods can require. Dr. Gray offers flexible payment plans for the treatment so that our patients can receive the help they need without having to worry about breaking the bank to do so. You deserve to have a beautifully straight smile that you can feel proud of!

Contact our Memorial, TX office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gray. Our staff is dedicated to providing patients with dental care that blends comfort and convenience with a clear sense of luxury. We also serve the areas of Bellaire, Jacinto City, Galena Park, Pearland, and beyond.

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Accomplish a Straighter Smile with Help from Dr. Mark Gray.

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