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Dental Implants in the Memorial Area of Houston

Replace Missing Teeth & Give Your Smile a Fresh Start

Tooth loss can be a devastating blow, both for your overall health and your sense of self-confidence. It can be difficult to even interact with others when you’re worried about them noticing unsightly gaps in your smile. Worse, if you put off treatment for too long, it can have potentially serious consequences for the rest of your smile, including an increased risk of periodontal disease and additional tooth loss. Here at the Memorial office of Dr. Mark Gray, DDS, we’ve worked hard to create a welcoming and modern atmosphere where patients can feel comfortable and well cared for as we tackle even the most serious oral health issues – and missing teeth is no exception! While some patients may prefer the reliability of dentures or bridges, dental implants have become the clear frontrunner in tooth replacement solutions. Durable, natural, and beautiful, our patients are thrilled to have a rejuvenated sense of optimal oral health and enthusiasm for their smile!

How Do Dental Implants Work?

One of the main aspects of dental implants that stands out from other treatment options is that they successfully solve one of the most common and pressing issues that arises from tooth loss – the deterioration of your jawbone. Once tooth loss occurs, your jawbone no longer has any purpose to serve in that area, and it weakens without stimulation. Dental implants effectively solve this problem by having components that mimic not just the crown (the visible area), but also the root of the tooth, thanks to a small, titanium post that is placed in the empty socket.

The treatment process is made up of a few separate steps. First, the implant (or implants) will need to be surgically placed. Then, a recovery period will be required so that your new tooth root(s) can organically merge with your jawbone, creating a steady foundation. Finally, you’ll return to our Memorial office in order to have beautiful, personalized restorations placed on top, completing your new look.

Dental implants have a wildly impressive success rate of over 95%, and as long as they’re cared for properly, they can last for a lifetime. There are no changes to your lifestyle required and you can bite and chew just like normal. In fact, implants are so lifelike and natural-looking that many patients forget that it’s not their natural tooth in the first place.

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