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Cosmetic Dentistry - Houston, TX

Erasing Cosmetic Flaws for Fully Transformed Smiles

While having excellent oral health is important, many of our patients are also interested in improving the appearance of their teeth. This is understandable – after all, having a truly stunning smile can imply all sorts of positive things about you in professional and personal settings, including confidence, attractiveness, success, youth, and much more. But, what can you do if you weren’t naturally gifted with a beautiful smile?

From stubborn stains to misalignments, people of all ages suffer from cosmetic flaws that just aren’t fixable with brushing and flossing. That’s where our team comes in! As a cosmetic dentist in Houston, TX, Dr. Gray and our staff want to provide you with the beautiful look and boost of self-confidence you deserve, and we’ve created an advanced and comfortable dental office space in Houston to do so. Once you’ve experienced our cosmetic dentistry in Houston, TX, you’ll be eager to show off your new smile to the world!

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Why Choose Mark Gray, DDS Cosmetic and Family Dentistry for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are beautiful, wafer-thin restorations that can effectively give your smile a do-over by fitting over your existing teeth and hiding any and all imperfections behind a brand-new look. No matter if it’s chips, cracks, stains, discoloration, minor gaps, or even small misalignments, veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic solutions available and can transform any smile into a beautiful work of art.

Learn More About Porcelain Veneers

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

woman pointing to smile

For years, traditional amalgam was used for fillings and crowns, but now, with the use of composite resin, we can provide a less toxic, more aesthetically-friendly solution for anyone in need of restorative dentistry. These restorations are especially great for individuals who are sensitive or allergic to metal, and they can be matched to your natural tooth color, size, and shape, making it almost impossible for anyone to tell the difference between your natural and artificial tooth.

Dental Bonding

girl getting direct bonding

If you just have a small stain, chip, or gap in your teeth, rather than getting porcelain veneers, we can quickly make the blemish disappear with direct bonding. Your dentist will apply a color-matched composite resin to your tooth and sculpt it to hide the flaw. Then, the resin will be hardened with a curing light, and that’s it! The entire procedure usually takes about an hour, the results are very natural-looking, and they can be trusted to last for about a decade.

Learn More About Dental Bonding

Teeth Whitening

girl getting in practice teeth whitening

Do you have a wedding, graduation, or some other special event just around the corner? Want your smile to look its best and brightest? We can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades in a single appointment using Zoom! Combining a highly-concentrated bleaching gel with a special light, our team is able to break up and eliminate even the most set-in dental stains. You’ll be amazed as the process happens right before your eyes!

Learn More About In-Practice Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

at-home whitening kit

For stubborn stains, teeth whitening is one option that can help lighten the shade of your smile considerably. Using our custom-made take-home trays that are crafted according to your smile’s unique shape, you can apply a professional-grade bleaching gel to achieve dramatic results. By adhering to our specific instructions, the gel will completely remove any stains beneath the enamel and you’ll see a dramatic difference in about two weeks.

Learn More About At-Home Teeth Whitening

Gum Recontouring

smile with gum recontouring

Whenever you smile, do you mostly see your gums instead of your teeth? This is what is called a “crowded smile,” and it’s a very common problem we can take care of in a single appointment. With a soft tissue laser, we can painlessly remove excess gum tissue to unveil previously hidden enamel. This will instantly make the teeth appear longer and give the smile better balance. We may also use this procedure to prepare someone to get another treatment like porcelain veneers or a ceramic crown.

Virtual Smile Design

virtual smile design

With Virtual Smile Design, we can give you a preview of what you’d look like after getting cosmetic dentistry before any treatment is actually done. We simply take a picture of your teeth, and with software, we can edit the image to show you how whitening, porcelain veneers, or even Invisalign could change your appearance for the better. This will enable you to design your dream look right alongside your dentist and ensure you love your results for a lifetime to come.

Learn More About Virtual Smile Design

Smile Makeovers

woman in white pointing to smile

Thanks to our in-house CEREC technology, we can provide dramatic smile improvements in as little as one appointment in many cases. Now, we can design, mill, and place custom ceramic crowns and even single veneers to cover various flaws and enhance the teeth’s aesthetics. By combining crowns, direct bonding, and whitening, we can give a person a brand new, dazzling smile in just a matter of hours.

Learn More About Smile Makeover

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Cosmetic Dentistry Options

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Contact the dental office of Mark Gray, DDS Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to learn more about our transformative cosmetic dentistry treatments or if you’re ready to go ahead and schedule an appointment. Even patients who have feared dental appointments in the past will find something to love about our beautiful, luxurious, and completely comfortable dental office space. Located in Houston, TX, we also serve the areas of Bellaire, Galena Park, Jacinto City, Pearland, and beyond.

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