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Multi-Teeth Replacement – Houston, TX

Fill in Gaps Both Large and Small

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Missing one tooth is a serious dental problem, but when that tooth loss is more extensive, you can suffer severe consequences. It may be difficult for you to chew and speak properly. Moreover, you may also experience significant bone loss in the jaw. Replacing your teeth is important!

Traditional dental prosthetics replace only the visible portion of missing teeth. Dental implants in Memorial, however, rebuild teeth from the roots up. Let’s discuss some of your treatment options for filling in the gaps in your smile.

Non-Implant Tooth Replacement Options

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A fixed bridge, sometimes called crown and bridge, relies on your remaining healthy teeth for support. The dentist fits crowns over the teeth that are adjacent to the gap (the abutment teeth), and the crowns are attached to between one and three replacement teeth that “bridge” the empty space. This type of restoration can look quite natural and restore full dental function.

A partial denture is a removable prosthetic that can replace several teeth at various places throughout an arch. You can think of it like a puzzle piece that fits in exactly where it is needed. A partial denture may need special clips or other attachments to keep it secure in the mouth.

A full denture, as its name implies, replaces an entire arch of teeth. It remains in place via natural suction or with the help of a special adhesive. A well-made denture can look quite natural and provide enough chewing power to enable you to enjoy most foods.

The Dental Implant Process

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If you choose dental implants as the treatment for your tooth loss, you can expect the process to span several months to a year. First, your oral surgeon will need to take detailed scans of your mouth in order to determine how and where to place the implants. After the implants have been surgically inserted into the jawbone, they’ll need some time to bond with the tissue around them. Once you’ve recovered sufficiently from the surgery, our team will place a beautiful restoration(s) on top of the implants. The restoration may be an implant-retained bridge, multiple single crowns, a partial denture, or a full denture.

Benefits of Implant-Retained Dental Prosthetics

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For our patients who are missing multiple teeth in Memorial, we often recommend implant-retained prosthetics as the ideal treatment option. We do so because:

Learn More About Multi-Teeth Replacement

If you are ready to replace your missing teeth and experience renewed confidence, contact Dr. Gray’s team today. We’ll be happy to help you explore your treatment options and get you on the road to a flawless, gap-free grin.

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