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Dental Exams with the Dentist in Memorial 

When Memorial dentist Dr. Gray conducts the exam portion of your visit, he looks closely at your teeth, your gums, and your entire mouth and throat. We’ll visually examine each tooth. Usually at one appointment during the year we take digital x-rays in order to spots signs of tooth decay between your teeth or below the surface; infection inside a tooth; cracks that may split a tooth; and existing fillings that are in disrepair and may need to be replaced. If we find any evidence of trouble, then we can treat more easily and effectively with early discovery.

In addition, we’ll complete a dental chart that includes the depth of gum pockets. Our hygienist will use a small probe to measure gum pocket depths; a pocket deeper than four or five millimeters may indicate gum disease. Dr. Gray will also examine your mouth and throat for the early warning signs of oral cancer. It’s important for your to know these signs as well so you can be on the lookout for them in between visits to our office. Signs include: